Mission Statement

Anointed Word International Ministries (AWIM), Inc. is a Ministry/Church that is fast and furiously on the move for the Lord. Anointed Word is a very product of the mind of the Triune God, and its blueprint and construction were prepared by the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit, even before the foundation of the world. According to the Word of the Lord, He knows our times and our seasons which He alone has set beforehand, and He fully knows the purpose for which He has given us life and breath and all that is associated therewith. According to Jer. 29:11, He alone knows the thoughts and plans He has for us..., and He is the one who birthed AWIM out of the spirit into the natural realm.

It is for His purposes and His alone, that AWIM has been raised up, and in order to fulfill the magnanimous assignment which He has placed upon us, it was of utmost necessity that numerous ministries have branched forth out of the original parent Ministry.

Through these
ministry tentacle arms, we are able to fulfill the many-faceted levels of responsibilities required to answer the call of God for the perfecting of the saints. These ministry arms, categorized as Kingdom Ministries, utilize the multiplicity of giftings, with which the body of AWIM membership has been endued. Because AWIM is a multi-racial, multi-ethnic, and multi-cultural body which so reflects the world’s make-up, we are so blessed that within each member of this body can be found all the necessary ingredients which are ordained by God to fulfill His ministry mandate for this dispensation of time.

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Anointed Word International Ministries Church location is: 16250 84th Ave. Tinley Park, IL 60487. Call (708) 429-2600
Every Sunday Morning Victorious Life Teaching at 9:30am on the 2nd Floor, and Morning Worship Service at 10:30am Sharp. We invite you to be our special guests. Like us on Facebook. Find us on Twitter @AWIMInc, Instagram, Youtube, and Streaming LIVE on Periscope.
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