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Music Ministry

AWIM is blessed to have gifted musicians who allow the Holy Spirit to use them to present very anointed musical for our services. The melodious sounds rendered by these musicians is so beautiful that they cause the hearers to lose site on problems and cares, by ushering them into a world of worshipful praise which actually brings healing to the entire tripartite being (spirit soul, and body). They also provide accompaniment for our dynamic Worship and Praise Group Ministry.

Worship and Praise Group, The Devil Work Destroyers, is comprised of a group of anointed, yielded, and surrendered individuals, who have dedicated their lives to developing intimacy with the Almighty God, and translating that intimacy into fluid and delectable worship renditions to bless your soul. They have been delegated the responsibility of setting the tone for ushering in the anointing in each of our worship services, beginning with beautiful praise selections that touch the congregation in such a way that the people are ushered into a high place in the realm of the Spirit.

As these worshippers continue to ascend into high praise, taking us into deeper depths of the spirit realm, and causing the building structure to literally resound from the impact of the move of the Holy Spirit as a result of our continued ascendancy. The Lord has revealed the need for "Holiness" from His people, and He presents this message in song through the Worshippers to the congregation in such a manner that attendees are led into a arena of pure worship where sight on the flesh is literally lost, as we begin bowing down our souls in honor and adoration to Elohim. Truly, we are continually reminded through their renditions that "Holiness Is What I Long For!

“The Devil Work Destroyers (DWD)”, has taken its rightful place in AWIM's music community, and in 2017 DWD was featured on the front page of The Junction New Paper in Tinley Park, IL. By coming together and rendering praise and worship in such a mighty way as to literally destroy the works of Satan and demon spirits. They so wonderfully lift up the name Jesus to such heights that no work of Satan could possibly survive as the presence of the Lord manifests.